Activon® - Manuka Honey

The properties of Activon® Manuka Honey provide wound healing benefits not found in other types of dressings. As well as its anti-microbial, debridement and de-sloughing, and malodour reduction properties, Activon® Manuka Honey protects the wound bed, providing the moist wound healing environment that is known to promote faster healing.1

Activon® Manuka Honey has been positively evaluated in over 390 patients, including children, neonates and those with delicate or friable skin. The evidence covers a wide range of wounds including burns, long-standing acute wounds , leg-ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and fungating wounds.

Naturally anti‐microbial with no known resistance: Find out more
Safe and effective debridement and desloughing: Find out more

Deodorising action to reduce malodour: Find out more

1. Dunford C, Cooper R, Molan P, White R. (2000) The use of honey in wound management.
Nursing Standard, 15, 11, 63-68