Actilite - 100% Manuka Honey

Actilite - 100% Manuka Honey

Suitable for low Exudate levels

Product Description

Actilite is a light, viscose net dressing, coated with 99% Manuka honey & 1% Manuka oil. This Manuka honey dressing is designed to protect the wound, promote healing and allow the passage of exudate.

The antibacterial effect of Actilite has been enhanced by combining high grade antibacterial Manuka oil with Manuka honey. The combination of Manuka honey and Manuka oil has been demonstrated in-vitro to be effective against a number of major wound infecting organisms including MRSA, VRE and Providentia stuartii.

Manuka oil also helps scars and after marks on the skin fade away by promoting new cell growth.  

Actilite is ideal for granulating and epithelialising wounds ensuring moisture levels remain low to avoid maceration while still providing a moist wound environment optimal for healing. 

Available in six different sizes, Actilite is designed to effectively cover wounds of all sizes.

Instructions for Use

  • Ensure the wound has been cleaned
  • Gently dry the surrounding skin
  • Remove from packaging
  • Place (either side down) onto the wound surface
  • Dressings can be placed side-by-side to cover large wound areas, or cut to size for smaller areas.
  • Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing.
  • Store at room temperature

Frequency of change

Depending on clinical observation, dressing may be left in place for up to 7 days. Actilite will be less effective as the honey is diluted by wound exudates, to maintain an effective level change the dressing when the colour changes significantly.

Due to the nature of honey, it can solidify at cold temperatures and become more malleable at warmer temperatures. If the product has hardened, warm between hands to soften before use. If the product has become too soft, place in a colder place such as a fridge for a few minutes


May be used on all wound types including:
• Superficial wounds, partial or full thickness
wounds, e.g. cuts and abrasions
• Pressure ulcers
• Leg ulcers
• Surgical wounds
• Burns
• Infected wounds
• Graft & donor sites.
May assist with debridement if used in conjunction with Activon Tube.

Do not use if patient is allergic to bee venom, bee products or essential oils. Actilite
contains glucose. Monitor the levels of patients with diabetes. A few patients
experience pain when applied, depending on sensitivity of the wound it may be
necessary to consider an appropriate level of analgesia. If pain continues unabated,
discontinue use and irrigate the wound with saline solution.

Warnings and Precautions
Actilite® is a single use product. If used on more than one patient, cross-contamination
or infection may result. Opening the dressing pack compromises the sterile barrier.
Any unused dressings should be discarded.

Ordering Information

SizeStock code Pack SizeNHS CodePIP Code
5cm x 5cmCR4281 10EJE079379-3759
10cm x 10cmCR3849 10EJE042335-4917
10cm x 20cmCR3852 10EJE040335-4925
20cm x 30cmCR4366 10EJE163398-8078
30cm x 30cmCR4367 5EJE164398-8086
30cm x 60cmCR4368 5ELY869398-8094

Suitable for the following wound types:

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Made with 100% Medical-Grade Manuka Honey

The levels of MGO in Manuka honey are measured using the Non Peroxide Activity (NPA) scale. The gold standard for Manuka honey effective antimicrobial activity is anywhere between 9.5 and 15 on the NPA scale. All our Activon Manuka honey dressings are made with 100% medical-grade Manuka honey, with a guaranteed NPA of 9.5 – 15 to optimise antimicrobial action and promote faster healing¹.

No therapeutic benefit

Breakfast honey

Effective Antimicrobial Activity

Warning - Overheated

Or Cooked to Increase Rating

No therapeutic benefit

Breakfast honey

Effective Antimicrobial Activity

Warning - Overheated

Or Cooked to Increase Rating

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1. Dunford C, Cooper R, Molan P, White R. (2000) The use of honey in wound management. Nursing Standard, 15, 11, 63-68