Advazorb Border - Absorbent Foam Dressing with Soft Silicone Wound Contact Layer and Border

Advazorb Border - Absorbent Foam Dressing with Soft Silicone Wound Contact Layer and Border

Suitable for moderate/low exudate levels

Product Description

Advazorb Border is an absorbent, atraumatic, self-adhesive bordered dressing with a unique perforated soft-silicone wound contact layer. This range is ideal  for wounds with low to medium levels of exudate.

The silicone wound contact layer has multiple, small 2mm pores which enable the passage of exudate into the absorbent foam whilst protecting the fragile wound bed. This combination ensures the dressings comfortably stay in place whilst minimising the potential for maceration.

Instructions for Use

  • Ensure the area has been cleaned
  • Gently dry the surrounding skin
  • Remove clear liners
  • Apply Advazorb Border directly to the wound surface pink film side up
  • Ensure the central foam pad covers the entire wound
  • Ensure a minimum overlap of 2cm around the edges of the wound
  • Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and keep dry

Frequency of change

Advazorb Border can be left in place for up to 7 days


A wide range of exuding wounds including:
• Leg, foot and pressure ulcers
• Traumatic wounds
• Surgical wounds
• Abrasions and blisters

Arterial bleeds and heavily bleeding wounds. Do not use if allergic to silicone.

Ordering Information

ProductSizeStock code Pack SizeNHS CodePIP Code
Regular5cm x 10cmCR4485 10ELA1266
Regular6cm x12cmCR4487 10ELA1272
Regular7.5cm x 7.5xmCR4190 10ELA547367-0650
Regular10cm x 10cmCR4191 10ELA1280367-0668
Regular10cm x 20cmCR4194 10ELA551367-0692
Regular10cm x 30cmCR4196 10ELA553367-0726
Regular12.5cm x 12.5cmCR4192 10ELA1267367-0676
Regular15cm x 15cmCR4193 10ELA550367-0684
Regular20cm x 20cmCR4195 10ELA552367-0718
Lite7.5cm x 7.5cmCR4197 10ELA554367-0734
Lite10cm x 10cmCR4198 10ELA555367-0742
Lite12.5cm x 12.5cmCR4199 10ELA556367-0759
Lite15cm x 15cmCR4200 10ELA557367-0767
Lite10cm x 20cmCR4201 10ELA558367-0775
Lite20cm x 20cmCR4202 10ELA559367-0783
Lite10cm x 30cm LiteCR4203 10ELA560367-0791
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Suitable for the following wound types:

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Available sizes