Wound Care Basics

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Manuka Honey

This module examines Manuka honey’s mode of action, the wounds it can be used on and its healing properties to give an overview of it's clinical applications.

Holistic Care

This module shows how a holistic approach can help patients cope with having a wound, which can be a life-changing event, impacting both on patient wellbeing and quality-of-life.  


This module explores the risk factors, signs and symptoms, and stages of wound infection. It goes on to explain how to assess a wound and how to prevent and manage infection.

Wound Bed Preparation

This module introduces the key concepts involved in preparing a wound for healing, looking at why the wound bed is important, managing different tissue types and wound management tools..


This module introduces debridement, a key component of wound bed preparation. Debridement reduces the risk of infection and helps wounds to heal.


This module highlights the importance of controlling wound exudate. Excess wound exudate has a negative impact on quality-of-life and can also delay healing, increasing the cost of care.