Advazorb Areola - Absorbent Foam Areola Dressing with Silfix Soft Silicone Adhesive Border

Advazorb Areola - Absorbent Foam Areola Dressing with Silfix Soft Silicone Adhesive Border

Suitable for moderate/low exudate levels

Product Description

Advazorb Areola is an innovative breast dressing, ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the breast making dressing application, easy, quick and comfortable for the patient.

Designed in collaboration with Nottingham University Hospitals and Nottingham Breast Institute, Advazorb Areola fulfils a very specific need – a protective and secure breast dressing. Advazorb Areola easily covers the area, reducing the need for clinicians to create their own dressing from a patchwork of square dressings.

Advazorb Areola combines Silfix soft silicone with conformable, absorbent foam to deliver excellent patient comfort, effective exudate management, secure fixation and atraumatic removal. The central hole prevents pressure on the nipple, including incisions to accommodate larger nipples, and a low friction backing prevents uncomfortable snagging on clothes.

Instructions for Use

  • Ensure the area has been cleaned
  • Gently dry the surrounding skin
  • Remove the clear plastic liners
  • Apply Advazorb Areola directly onto the wound
  • Ensure the absorbent pad covers the entire wound area with an overlap of 1-2cm
  • Gently smooth the ‘petals’ to ensure good adherence
  • Secure in place with tape, appropriate bandage or a secondary dressing
  • Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and keep dry

Frequency of change

Advazorb Areolacan be left in place for up to 7 days but should be changed when exudate is visible in the centre pad or the pad swells due to absorbed exudate.


• Mastopexy
• Breast reduction
• Nipple reconstruction
• Breast augment through areola incision
• Gynaecomastia
• Other Nipple / Areola surgery

Arterial bleeds and heavily bleeding wounds and vascular fungating tumours.

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