Brightwake Supports Nottingham Hospitals

Brightwake Supports Nottingham Hospitals

We are pleased to be sponsoring the Rotary Club of Hucknall’s Charity Golf day on 11th September 2022. The Rotary Club are an active, fun loving club with the common aim of wanting to make a lasting difference to their local community through projects and service.

Advancis parent company Brightwake were keen to support the Rotary Club as their aim aligns with one of our key values 'We make a difference'. Through this year’s golf day they are raising funds for Nottingham Hospital’s Charity which will be earmarked to provide transilluminators for Nottingham NICU.

A transilluminator is a device that is used to help locate a blood vessel for the insertion of a canula, which can be very difficult in premature babies that can weigh as little as 600g, and will also help to detect a pneumothorax.

The NICU currently have 4 bays, each with one transilluminator between 4 cots. The Rotary Clubs aim is to provide a transilluminator for each cot, to help to prevent cross infection and ensure immediate availability of a device when needed.

This is close to Rotary Club Chairman Stuart Whiteheads heart, as his own grandson was born 15 weeks early and spent 100 days in Nottingham NICU, where the healthcare staff worked tirelessly to care for him.

We hope our contribution will help care for premature babies and give their families a small amount of comfort in a difficult time.

To donate, or to take part in the golf day, contact Stuart Whitehead on