Sending Medical Supplies to Ukraine

Like the rest of the world, we have been shocked and saddened to see the unfolding events in Ukraine. The images, videos and news reports coming out of the country are horrifying, but we are continually moved by the acts of generosity and bravery we have seen as a result. 
We have been inspired by hospitals across the UK who have sent medical supplies to treat people in Ukraine as fighting continues across the country, and by those doctors, anaesthetists and surgeons who have travelled to Ukraine to work in field hospitals.

Managing Director Steve Cotton got in touch with Rev’d Sergiy Diduk, the Priest-in-Charge at All Saints Church Hanworth after learning about his humanitarian aid mission from his son, an old school friend of Sergiy’s son. Sergiy and a team of volunteers have so far sent 11 van loads of supplies to Ukraine, from medical supplies to nappies. The team has put in hours of support, from sorting and packing products, to coordinating transport, and even driving the supplies into Poland for onward shipping.
After hearing of Sergiy’s efforts, Advancis medical are donating 14 pallets of boxes packed with our wound care dressings and Hemosep blood collection reservoirs, suction wands and intraoperative kits, to help support hospitals and those on the front line. Said Surgiy “It was overwhelming, when Steve got in touch with me I couldn’t believe it was real, it’s fantastic”

The pallets were shipped to Poland on Thursday 24th March with Europa Worldwide Group, who supported the effort by waiving all shipping fees, and working with Sergiy and his team of volunteers onward shipping to the ‘Committee of Entrepreneurs of Lviv Region’ has been coordinated. This non-governmental, non-profit organisation created by conscientious local businessmen, is now working tirelessly to support their community in this unprecedented time, and will arrange for donations be distributed to hospitals in the Ukraine, and for a medical professor from Lviv Military Hospital to ensure that people know how to use them.
“We want to show our support to the people of Ukraine through our actions, we are a company that embodies care and compassion into everything we do, we know our dressings and intraoperative kits can help so we felt we had a duty to send them over as quickly as possible” - Steve Cotton.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, from those who are unable to leave and seek asylum, those who have stayed to fight for Ukraine, or the many families throughout the world who are worried for loved ones. We hope that our donation has a small positive impact, and that continual worldwide support will lead to a positive outcome.