Record number attend Step up Step down breakfast meeting

The first JCN event of the year on the 1st February in Cardiff saw a record number of delegates attend the breakfast meeting to date! This meeting was a huge success and the attendees left happy with the knowledge they can use the Step up Step down method to release more time for patient care.
Throughout 2017 our aim is to continue to provide nurses with educated choices for effectively managing exudate, with the ultimate aim of saving nursing time. This can be achieved by using Advazorb form dressings for low to medium exudate, stepping up to an Eclypse super absorbent dressing for medium to high levels. As the wound heals and the exudate levels decrease, the clinician can step down from Eclypse to Advazorb.
To communicate this message, we continue to hold Step up Step down breakfast meetings prior to the JCN Exhibitions across the country. For more information about Step up Step down click here.
The next exhibition is being held in Blackpool on the 15th March and there’s still time to register! Visit to register today or to see where you’re nearest exhibition will be!