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24 March 2022
Advancis send out Medical Aid in support of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.
30 November 2020
COVID-19 November Update for Customers and Visitors 
02 May 2019
The study showed that treatment of children under 12 years with partial superficial burn wounds of around 20 per cent total body surface area using Actilite® honey significantly reduced levels of bacteria wound colonisation by day 10. Furthermore, wounds in the Actilite® honey group healed quicker than Silver sulfadiazine group. Therefore, use of Actilite Honey on burn wounds could be explored as alternative to Silver sulfadiazine in managing paediatric partial superficial burn Corresponding Author wounds of 20% and below at the University Teaching Hospital.

Click the title to read the article from The University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia
04 March 2019
Advancis are proud to announce Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance and Alzheimer’s Society as our chosen charities for 2019!
07 March 2017
Advancis Medical are proud sponsors of the Innovation in North America Award. Here, we announce the winner and runners-up.
14 February 2017
Record number attend Step up Step down breakfast meeting
23 August 2016
What do superabsorbent dressings achieve, what are they suitable/not suitable for, and are all super-absorbent dressings equal in terms of performance and quality?

Click on the title to read the article from The Journal of Wound Care Vol 25, No. 8, August 2016 to learn more about the performance attributes that help you to select the right dressing for your patient's needs.
22 August 2016
This case study describes the problems encountered by a patient while waiting for his necrotic fingertip to autoamputate.

The Algivon Plus Ribbon, 100% medical-grade Manuka honey dressing was selected for its deodorisation, pain management and debridement, all of which dealt with the patient’s problems effectively.

The article was published July 2016 Volume 12 Issue 2 of the Wounds UK.

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12 July 2016
Our Wound Probe can be ordered as a stand-alone product. Please click here for more ordering information.
15 June 2016
Val Smith-Orr is a British trained RN, ENB Burns and Plastic Surgery Nurse Specialist who set up Triple B Care Projects to care for the poor and less fortunate, many of them children, with burns in the province of Zambales in the Philippines.